The Mentalist Seeing Red 19 November 2008 at 12:59 am by TVQ

The Mentalist Seeing Red

The Mentalist Seeing Red – CBS’ “The Mentalist” season 1 episode 7 titled Seeing Red aired on November 18,2008.In The Mentalist Seeing Red episode,Patrick Jane sets up a séance,hoping to expose a fraud psychic.Leslie Hope made a convincing cameo in that episode.You can watch The Mentalist Seeing Red,after the jump.
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+ Teen Witch By TVQ 25 October 2008 at 2:34 pm and have No Comments

Teen Witch

Teen Witch – “Teen Witch” is a film,that was released in 1989 and aired earlier today on ABC Family.’Teen Witch’ is a fantasy/musical blend,starring Robyn Lively,Dan Gauthier,directed by Dorian Walker.Here is the premise for “Teen Witch”:

Louise Miller, encountered with Madame Serena and found out she is a witch. On her 16th birthday her Magic powers came back to her from a necklace she lost in her former life. Now that Louise has the power to make her dreams come true, she cast a popularity spell to win the hottest guy in school Brad without forcing him to love her. Louise now becomes the most popular girl in school while getting back at her English teacher, and the school cheerleaders whom before never respected her. After finding out believing in yourself is the true Magic, Louise gave up her power to make her own happy ending.

You can watch the trailer for Teen Witch,after the jump.
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+ The View O’Reilly:Bill O’Reilly On The View By TVQ 23 October 2008 at 12:25 pm and have No Comments

The View O'Reilly:Bill O'Reilly On The View

The View O’Reilly:Bill O’Reilly On The View – Bill O’Reilly appeared on ABC’s The View,on Wednesday,where he called Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama a ‘communist’ and a ’socialist.’You can watch the video,after the jump.
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